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Where to Stay in Sapa? - Vietnam Holidays and Tours

Would you like to trekking in Sapa? Mu is an experienced tour guide, from an ethnic minority village. Walk through stunning landscapes and visit local villages.

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What You Need to Know About Trekking in Sapa, Vietnam

You can visit several ethnic small and large villages in Sapa area. Area in Sapa where you can move around on foot or with a motorbike is big and beautiful, detailed map of Sapa area. How to travel from Hanoi to Sapa and where to stay? ️

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Villages in Sapa → Homestay → Trekking (+ MAP) | Northern trekking i sapa

Located in the Hoang Lien Son mountain range of remote north-western Vietnam near the Chinese border, Sapa has grown to become Vietnam’s premier trekking destination and an integral stop on many itineraries. Set against a backdrop of some of the highest mountains on the Indochinese peninsula and

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Trekking in Sapa, Vietnam: The ultimate guide to hill

Trekking in Sapa Vietnam is near the top of the bucket list for many travellers to Southeast Asia. When my friend and I set off for Vietnam, it was way up the top of ours.

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2 Days Trekking in Sapa Mountains » An Unforgettable

A trekking which crosses the fields and mountains of Sapa is one of the highlights of a trip to Vietnam. Visiting the local villages and enjoying the beautiful scenery here is an experience you will never forget. Let’s read this guide to help you choose a meaningful trip which suits your needs and also to […]

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Trekking In Sapa: What You NEED To Know Before Visiting

1º Day Trekking in Sapa Mountains: Lost among flowers and rice terraces. Rob and I are used to run, so long walks are fine for us. We started our sapa trekking

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Hiking in Sapa: Things to Know & What to Expect trekking i sapa

I trekked in the beautiful Sapa during February in Vietnam and learned some tough lessons. This might be a picture perfect location, though it is not all times of the year. Learn about where you should stay, what to pack and what you need to know when trekking in Sapa during February in Vietnam.

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